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The easiest drum book in the world

Learn to play the drums with the 2  method. 


Der ultimative Leitfaden für AnfängerInnen

There are only two choices: "hit" and "don't hit" and ONLY quarter notes per bar. 

Learn to play the drums faster, easier and guaranteed to be more fun! With these 350 exercises in 51 lessons and 5 chapters you will learn how to play the drums properly from scratch. Didactically and methodically valuable, simply explained and supplemented with useful practice tips, nothing stands in the way of your progress!

Das 'Einfachste Schlagzeugbuch der Welt': Schritt für Schritt zum Schlagzeugspielen lernen
  • Das Drumstar - BUCH

    So lernst du mit Freude Schlagzeugspielen
    Valid for one week
    • Hole dir das Buch im Unterricht vor Ort

"Hit" and "Don't Hit"

Ideal for beginners without previous knowledge or to get back into the drums after a long break.

With the 4² method there is  only two characters, quarter note or quarter rest and only quarter notes.

To play or not to play is the only question. Learn the most important drum rhythms, drum fills, different styles and accompany your favorite music in a short time.

All exercises in the book are also available as videos

Ideal for beginners

Learn how to play the drums from scratch. No previous knowledge necessary.

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